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Mission and Vision

The Greg K. Monroe Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to assist educators, families and ‘at promise’ youth in the greater New Orleans and Detroit metropolitan areas by providing enrichment programs, mentoring, scholarships, little leagues training and cultural awareness.  The foundation relies on the generous support of corporate donors, individuals and fundraising projects to ensure the success of its operation.



Greg K. Monroe was reared in a single parent Christian home in Gretna, LA a suburban community outside of the greater New Orleans area. As a child he embraced his religious training and has strived to govern his life by the values he was taught through his faith. Greg believes that his success is due largely in part of those principles he learned in his youth and the sacrifices made by his family, church members and community volunteers who nurtured and encouraged him throughout his journey to the NBA. In an effort to give back to his community Greg established his Foundation in 2011 to support and enrich the community that poured so richly into his life. His programs and scholarship fund will enable other ‘at promise’ youth an opportunity to excel, and will endeavor to strengthen family values based on Christian principles while impacting the community.


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